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About Down But Not Out, its beginnings, why it came to be and where it is heading

addiction is rampant in Canada. The primary contributing factor is disaffection with  a social system that has placed the accumulation of wealth ahead of any moral integrity.

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Freedom of Information

In this, The Age of Information, it is essential that everyone gain unrestricted access to the internet. It is worrisome that a huge proportion of Canadian and American citizens do not have access to a broadband internet connection. This phenomenon is called the Digital Divide since it essentially divides those who do not have access from effectively being able to participate fully in today’s society.

The current battle which threatens to eliminate all effective activism really has me terrified. All the major ISPs are doing their worst to eliminate net neutrality. If they succeed, the internet will become like all mainstream media, a source of propaganda for the elite that ignores everything that the people have to say. I'm working on a new page for my website that will deal exclusively with the internet and how it must be protected as the ONLY means for the common people to voice their concerns.

The recent proposals by British and French governments to curtail access to the internet arbitrarily and without due process of law to people who they deem unworthy is a first step towards widespread censorship of the internet.

All peoples, particularly activists should be concerned about the expanding threats to our ability to communicate broadly, for if these measures are allowed to proceed, civilization will be set back to the Twentieth Century where the only means of communicating ideas broadly was held by the elite and all ordinary citizens were virtually silenced. We must oppose all attempts to restrict our RIGHT to free, open and unrestricted access to the internet. Censorship in any form must not be allowed.

added Oct 6


The term LAWFUL ACCESS is unfamiliar to most Canadians, but we will soon be hearing much more about it. The lawful access legislation proposed by the Conservative Party will fundamentally alter our society and comes with serious risks to privacy, democracy, civil liberties and the open internet, yet it has never been debated. If passed, this bill will result in:

new police powers to access data gathered by Internet Service Providers

mandatory disclosure of customer information without court oversight

real-time surveillance using technologies installed within ISPs networks

Here are some important links for you to learn more about this imminent curtailment to our constitutional right to privacy.






This YouTube playlist will explore the real and dangerous threats to free use of the internet that are currently being launched by governments and corporation throughout the world.  

Make a University Education FREE for Everyone

Adequate education is rapidly becoming unaffordable for ALL but the elite. This move to take education out of the reach of even the middle class is a clear sign of the move toward a 2 class society where the very wealthy hold all of the reins of power and the majority of us become merely serfs in a new feudalism. First they exported the manufacturing sector to countries where slave labour rates are easily found, thereby removing the primary source of income for a major portion of the middle class and forcing them to take employment in the service sector at much lower wages. Now they make education unaffordable, thus preventing the middle class access to any remaining good jobs, thereby leaving them with servitude as their only viable means of support. Perhaps feudalism is not the goal. Perhaps a Master and Slave society is the ultimate end.

Back when a secondary school education was considered sufficient to allow a person access to a middle class standard of living, Canada made access to that level of education FREE to all Canadians.
NOW, it is commonly recognized that a post secondary education is required to gain access to a middle class lifestyle; we find that in order to gain such an education Canadians are required to go into unmanageable debt to get there. It is necessary that we not only eliminate tuitions for all Canadians, but provide free access to the required learning materials such as books and internet access if we are to return to a society that supports its citizens rather than condemning them to a life of poverty.

Access to knowledge and information is the only hope we have of creating a just society. For this reason I am very concerned about the recent CRTC ruling allowing ISPs to circumvent net neutrality.

Google Compromise with China over Censorship
China Mobile has released smartphones into the China market using Android, and Credit Suisse analyst Wallace Cheung expects it to one day become the most popular mobile operating system in China.

On Tuesday, China's Foreign Ministry declined comment on Google's decision to end automatic rerouting, but Drummond said he hoped it would be acceptable to the Chinese government.

It is unlikely Google would have moved without some blessing from Beijing, and there certainly would have been negotiations about the change, said iResearch analyst Cao.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal in March, Google's co-founder, Sergey Brin, had said the decision to reroute users to the Hong Kong site was a solution indirectly proposed to the firm by the Chinese government.

A Google spokeswoman declined to comment on the details of the negotiations with Beijing.

Google, which runs two research centers and has several hundred employees in China, may already have paid a price in lost talent for its spat with the government.

Some executives at its China operations have left since the dispute flared up, as have some at its partners under the AdSense advertising program.

"It seems clear they want to have some engagement or business in China. But they are at a point right now where an increasing number of partners and AdSense partners are leaving Google," said Mark Natkin, managing director of Marbridge Consulting.

Natkin said at least 3 other licenses for Google business units in China are due for renewal in June.

Digital photoArt by Ronzig and comments on how to use the internet to take back our planet from the fat cats. Up until the internet, all the power was in the hands of the rich and powerful. Now everyone can be heard. You can comment on content seen on this page by going to the bottom of the page. Every page on the site will have a comment section at the bottom.

Create your own free website

Yola is a free, easy to use website creation and hosting service, featuring wyswyg technology and simple widgets for applying special functions to your site. Their support service is the best I’ve seen on the web. They always reply to my questions within 24 hours with simple, easy to follow instructions to guide me through some of the advanced features on my site. I highly recommend this service to anyone wishing to create a highly functional website to broadcast their message to the world.

Don't rely on internet based file storage services

Given the current drive to convince people and companies to store their information files on a remote server to be accessed via the internet and given the additional drive to discourage them from purchasing software and opt for internet based software usage contracts, These people should be extremely worried about the threat to web neutrality. If you have both your files and your software hosted remotely for access via the internet and net neutrality is eliminated, you could be held for ransom when the ISP decides to support a competitor to your hosting service and prevent access to your service. You could lose all access to both your files and your ability to use your software without warning.

For more information about how this will affect your internet use go to… 









TakingITGlobal - Discussion Boards Guidelines & FAQ

The Death of The Internet? | COA News


SaveOurNet.ca | Protecting your Internet level playing field

Public Knowledge | Fighting for your digital rights in Washington. 


We need a new and free internet

Support Bill C-398 to make net neutrality law.
If the ISPs get away with this attempt to censor the internet for profit, it will spell the end of any hope we the people have of breaking free of the elitist domination of all aspects of life in our society.

Screw the corporate elite MF's We really should just do our own thing. See how many people stay with the internet when it becomes just another advertising gimmick. In the mean time, if we allow the elitists to control access to web content, we face the end of our ability to resist the wrongful exploitation of the resources and population of the world for the benefit of a few greedy, power hungry and evil people. Until there is a viable alternative to the internet, we must fight to maintain our free access to the only media available to the masses.


The Internet Is Free For Everyone

Three years ago, I was internet illiterate. I didn’t even know how to set up an email account, let alone understand what a wonderful means of one on one communication it is. Today I have numerous websites with thousands of visitors, friends who share my ideals all around the world and dozens of people who check in daily to see what I have to say and it’s all free.

There is no faster, easier, less costly way possible to reach out and share your ideas with thousands of new friends.

If you care about an issue, you owe it to yourself and to the world to get involved on the internet. Get a free email account, set up a free website, find other websites that share your concerns and link them to yours.

You don’t even need a computer. Most libraries, community centres and drop in centres have computers you can use and there are plenty of free computers available from individuals and organizations to help you get started. People who update to a newer computer often throw their older, still useful computers in the garbage. Every year I salvage several of these and give them to people who need them. You can contact me at ronzig@rogers.com if you would like one from me, or if you need advise on getting started.

Most libraries and community centres also hold free workshops to help you learn the basics you will need to get going.

When you are getting started there is a large selection of free software a, called freeware or shareware available to download.

You can find sources for pirate ware if you look. If the large software companies such as Microsoft had any social conscience what so ever, they would make free versions of their products available to everyone on a limited income. It would be a good business move because the people who receive these free compact versions would become paying customers when they could afford to upgrade to the full commercial versions.

There is nothing to fear and everything to gain. There is virtually no mistake you can make that can cause irreparable damage if you remember to back up your files. Most people know someone who will help fix a problem for free and free advice is available on the internet for any eventuality. The myth of clicking the wrong button and destroying your computer is just that, A Myth. Sure, you can make a few mistakes now and then, but they aren’t as horrible as you might think. Any time I find something I don’t understand, I try it. If it causes a problem, I figure out how to fix it or ask someone on the internet or in person. Now there is very little I can’t fix myself and I spend a good deal of time helping others who are learning, just as I received help when I was learning.

So get involved. Let others know what you care about and you will be amazed how many people share your concerns. You will even introduce your ideas to people who never thought like you before, but become persuaded to support your cause.

If you want to make a difference, this is the best way to do it. Give it a try.

Govt threatens to cut Internet

My concern with this news is that if we allow government to deny access to the internet for ANY reason whatsoever, we are taking a giant leap in the direction of countries like China where freedom of speech is censored routinely. I don’t defend piracy, but there are better ways to deal with the phenomenon than censorship. Once government opens that door the temptation to use denial of service as an easy tool to curtail other more valid uses of the Internet that may be objectionable to the people in power such as open criticism or opposition to policies or actions of government would be the next step. It is a historically proven fact that once government obtains a power, for whatever reason, they soon find ways to utilize that power in ways that were never intended at the outset. There are ways that are within reach to battle piracy without resorting to draconian measures that open the door to censorship. Let the government if it is so concerned about piracy deal with it in a fashion that does not threaten freedom of information. The proposed action is based on laziness. It’s the easy way out and is not acceptable.  What happened to the concept of presumed innocence until proven guilty in a court of law? Citizens must never allow government to act arbitrarily, without due process. That is the action of dictatorship and must be prevented at all costs.

Govt threatens to cut Internet

LONDON (AFP) - The government said hardcore online pirates who illegally swap and download copyrighted films and music could have their Internet connection cut off, in proposals announced on Tuesday.

The threatened measure, which would go beyond previous proposals and has strong similarities to a proposed French law, could be brought in soon to tackle illegal downloaders file-sharing en masse.

The government is "considering adding account suspension to the list of technical measures that could be used only as a last resort against the hard core of copyright pirates," said a spokesman for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Internet service providers (ISPs) could be forced to take action against individual repeat offenders, the spokesman added, while access to download sites could be blocked.

The previous proposals being considered by the government only went as far as restricting Internet users' broadband access speed.

Stephen Timms, the minister for the Digital Britain project, which aims to put the country at the forefront of digital innovation, said the new plans would allow "swifter and more flexible measures" to tackle illegal file-sharing.

"Technology and consumer behaviour is fast-changing and it's important that Ofcom (the communications industry regulator) has the flexibility to respond quickly to deal with unlawful file-sharing," said Timms.

The British Phonographic Industry recorded music trade body said the plans were a helpful move in the battle against online pirates.

"Digital piracy is a serious problem and a real threat to the UK's creative industries," said BPI chief executive Geoff Taylor.

"We welcome the government's recognition that this problem needs to be addressed urgently, so today is a step forward that should help the legal digital market to grow for consumers."

But Jim Killock, head of civil liberties campaigners Open Rights Group, said the measures would "restrict people's fundamental right to freedom of expression.

"This is the wrong moment to go in this direction. Online music revenues are going up, illicit filesharing is going down.

"Instead of letting the market solve the problems, the government seems intent on heavy-handed intervention."

The threat to cut off Internet access follows similar moves in France, where President Nicolas Sarkozy has been struggling to get such a measure past constitutional experts and hostile lawmakers.

France's Constitutional Council, its highest legal body, struck down a key provision of the law forcing the government to table a new bill which will now be put to a vote by parliament next month.

My concern with this news is that if we allow government to deny access to the internet for ANY reason whatsoever, we are taking a giant leap in the direction of countries like China where freedom of speech is censored routinely. I don’t defend piracy, but there are better ways to deal with the phenomenon than censorship. Once government opens that door the temptation to use denial of service as an easy tool to curtail other more valid uses of the Internet that may be objectionable to the people in power such as open criticism or opposition to policies or actions of government would be the next step. It is a historically proven fact that once government obtains a power, for whatever reason, they soon find ways to utilize that power in ways that were never intended at the outset. There are ways that are within reach to battle piracy without resorting to draconian measures that open the door to censorship. Let the government if it is so concerned about piracy deal with it in a fashion that does not threaten freedom of information. The proposed action is based on laziness. It’s the easy way out and is not acceptable.

About Viruses

 Most viruses spread by attaching themselves to files you install on your computer from the internet such as email messages from unknown sources (NEVER OPEN ONE, just send it to your spam folder and empty that regularly), or from file sharing services (you shouldn’t use them at all), or from porn sites (not only are they a poor alternative to the real thing, but they are a major source of viruses), or from forwarded messages with large numbers of recipients (discourage your friends from forwarding any of these to you).

If you use caution in these areas, the odds are that you will never be plagued with a virus infection.


Beware, Big Brother Is Here

There is a trend today towards web based computing and storage of information. Experts predict that soon all data will be stored on the web and all processing will be done over the web. They say that we won’t need computers any more and will only use dumb terminals to access our information and link to online computers to do our computations. This sounds like a good idea at first. No more expense of purchasing software and only minimal expense for the necessary hardware. No more difficult learning curves and technical problems to frustrate and thwart our efforts. Sounds too good to be true, you say. Well you’re right. There’s a major and obvious downside. He who controls information rules. The experts predict that in only a few years ALL INFORMATION AND PROCESSING WILL BE WEB BASED. The danger here is that people don’t really understand what the web is. Basically the web is Google and Yahoo and a few others. For instance, Google is not just a search engine. Primarily Google is an information and data storage facility. You got it yet? EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET IS STORED ON A GIANT COMPUTER OWNED BY GOOGLE. Google and others like it ARE THE INTERNET. Now if everyone stops storing his own data and just uploads it to the internet and if we all give up owning our computing in favour of web based data processing, WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF A FEW OF THE LARGEST OF THESE INTERNET COMPANIES CAME UNDER CONTROL OF OR BECAME AN AUTHORITARIAN POWER? The answer is simple. THEY WOULD RULE THE WORLD.

One Web Day 2009     One Web Day Videos     TakingITGlobal - Inspire. Inform. Involve.

Start Date & Time
September 22, 2009
All day event.

OneWebDay is an Earth Day for the internet. The idea behind OneWebDay is to focus attention on a key internet value (this year, online participation in democracy), focus attention on local internet concerns (connectivity, censorship, individual skills), and create a global constituency that cares about protecting and defending the internet. So, think of OneWebDay as an environmental movement for the Internet ecosystem. It’s a platform for people to educate and activate others about issues that are important for the Internet’s future.

We need to get organized. The Internet is under enormous pressure in this country, as it is around the world. Here are some examples:

Access providers want to track what everyone is doing online and use it for their commercial advantage. They’re developing prioritization technology that will be like a cellphone layer on the internet – able to bill differently for different uses. They’re working closely with law enforcement and Hollywood in ways that will make internet use unpredictable and heavily-surveilled. The greatest engine of free speech and democratic outreach the world has ever seen is being co-opted by telephone companies. This isn’t good for our future.

At the same time, we’re suffering from enormous digital divides. Lower-income and rural communities don’t have adequate connectivity. Senior citizens and minorities are often left out. Skills are inadequate, and there is a lot of fear of the Internet.

In 2008, OneWebDay mobilized more people in more cities than ever before. To get things rolling, one hundred “OneWebDay Ambassadors” let their networks know about OneWebDay during the 100 days leading up to OneWebDay, and 100 OneWebDay stories were selected. Last year, we truly went global. There were events run by the City of Melbourne and in London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Singapore, Tunisia, and elsewhere.

Comments will be monitored and once approved will be posted to the site.

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Index of Ronzig's web pages


Down But Not Out

As well as Ronzig's Gallery, Ronzig built and maintains Down But Not Out, a website dedicated to social activism and providing information about many of the current issues that threaten to destroy our planet and the social structures we have developed. This link will take you to the Home page of Down But Not Out which was recently ranked as the 12th best website about homelessness on the internet and the following information will explain each of the pages on the website. You will have the opportunity to comment on what you learn here and read the many comments of other visitors to the site.

Learn more about Ronzig and why he created Down But Not Out and why it began as a website discussing the issues of poverty, homelessness and addiction and how it evolved into much more, encompassing issues a wide ranging as politics, war imperialism, conspiracy, economics, health, the environment and more.

Having been a crack addict for nearly 2 decades, during the 2nd of which I was homeless, I have acquired an in depth understanding of addiction, how & why it begins, what it does to a person, what is involved with getting free of this curse and the social implications of this ever increasing plague on civilization. I disclose some little known and often ignored information and insights that will assist you in coming to a better understanding of what addiction is all about.

I have created a page where visitors to Down But Not Out can contribute by telling their story about how the issues discussed on the site has affected them or someone they care about. I encourage you to read what others have to say and please tell us your story. You can remain anonymous if you prefer.

There is an extensive examination of the economy on Down But Not Out with discussions about the recession, economic collapse, the increasing disparity between the rich, the poor and the middle class. I delve into the phenomena of the shrinking middle class and the emergence of a 2 class society where an economic elite rule and the rest of us are rapidly being relegated to economic slavery.

Whether you call it Global Warning, Climate Disruption or choose to adopt one of the euphemisms that opponents to addressing this impending disaster use to seek to reduce the significance of the crisis to protect their ill gotten financial profits, it is a scientific fact that our global environment is on the brink of collapse. If meaningful and immediate action is not taken the human race along with almost all other forms of life on the Planet Earth will soon face extinction.

Whenever I have time I try to post notices of significant events that you may wish to attend including rally's, protests, political meetings, or other relevant items here. I also use this page to post notices of upcoming art shows where my work will be on display.

The social, economic and political issues revolving around health and healthcare are currently creating an environment where universal healthcare in Canada is under attack. It is evident that the elite no longer wish to ensure adequate health services for an aging population. They see no need to preserve individual health when there is no shortage of replacement economic slaves to step in when one of us succumbs to preventable illness and dies.

There is a worldwide epidemic of homelessness that has emerged in the past couple of decades to plague society and the wealthiest nations, ones with more than sufficient resources to provide housing for their populations are the worst at addressing the situation. Having lived long enough to realize that even when our society was steeped in relative poverty compared to today's situation, homelessness was never a significant problem until recently as the elite grab more and more of the world's wealth and resources, leaving the rest of us to struggle just to keep a roof over our heads.

With the advent of the internet, hope for a just society has been restored, yet there are sinister powers threatening to crush that hope. Just when internet should be reaching the point of universal global access, these powers are forcing an increasing internet divide, where surprisingly millions who once could afford access are being economically deprived of this crucial commodity, for a commodity is what it has become and it is for sale at price not reflective of costs, but of what the market will bear. Perhaps we should be considering defining internet as a Necessary Service that is available to everyone at affordable rates of free of charge.

With the corporatization of mainstream media, it's difficult to find any honest reporting in this media, as they tend to stick like flies on flypaper to the elitist party line. However even the most cynical of these outlets of information are forced to include a modicum of honesty in their reports when faced with the vast amount of conflicting evidence distributed freely on the internet. It is beneficial also to be up to date on what they are saying in order to point out the inadequacies and outright lies that they distribute.

Over the years, Ronzig has been in the news on several occasions, both as the subject of articles and as interviewee. Of course I've commented on many news items as well. you'll find some of these pieces on my news page.

There is a disturbing trend in politics that is increasingly threatening the very fabric of Democracy, or the sorry excuse for such that we have  adopted. I'm speaking of the merging of the Capitalist manifesto into the political agenda to the effect that today's politicians see their job almost exclusively as serving the requirements of capitalism and corporate profits rather than the needs of the citizens who are the true backbone of any nation.

Ever wonder how it is possible that in the richest civilization that has ever existed on the planet, extreme poverty is reaching epidemic proportions?  The answer is obvious. Every single year for the past 3 decades the wealthiest 5% of the world's population have taken control and ownership of a greater proportion of the world's resources leaving less for each of the remaining 95% of the people who have to live on this planet. In every industrialized nation the middle class is under attack and is shrinking annually as people are forced down the economic scale into the burgeoning poverty class. The truly terrifying aspect of this is the fact that the members of the middle class which is the primary target of this attack believe that when the middle class is eliminated they will be part of the elite upper class of rulers rather than economic slaves of these rulers. Because of this the middle class votes consistently for politicians who serve this elite ruling class and don't even realize they are voting for their own destruction.

In a society which professes to be primarily Christian is it not a paradox that we have created such an un-Christian attitude toward our neighbours? By assuming the philosophy of "Looking our for number ONE", we find it easy not only to allow our brothers and sisters to suffer and actually perish because they can not afford to pay for the basic requirements of survival, nourishment and shelter, but many of us are arrogant enough to hate them for their predicament. How are we to overcome this tide of apathy and animosity which in the end will destroy us if we fail?

If you group is interested in Ronzig's experiences and philosophies, I do speaking engagements and will talk on any of the topics covered here. I have had great success with audiences while speaking about homelessness & addiction, Democracy & politics as well as photography & art and would be pleased to accept a request to speak to you group.

Primarily because of American Imperialism the world has been in a constant state of war for the majority of the past 6 decades. Isn't it amazing how we can call making war on another nation a Police Action or Peacekeeping Action to camouflage the fact that we are invading a nation to seize control of its resources or to use it as a staging zone for our aggressive moves on its neighbours, yet we call defensive retaliation Terrorism? We call the slaughter of innocent civilians Collateral Damage to hide the fact that more than 80% of the people we kill in our wars are civilians primarily women and children. I find it disturbing that Prime Minister Harper has eagerly jumped into bed with the Americans and is arming Canada to fight along side our neighbours to the South as we seek to seize control of far off nations. We stand idly by and allow Israel, the puppet state of the Americans which exists solely because of American arms and financing to commit wide scale genocide in its attempt to eradicate the legitimate population of the region from the planet.


Go to Ronzig's Gallery digital photoArt, photography,  video, photographic & video recording services, Mini Video Tours of Toronto, Collector Series Postcards featuring an assortment of his best images and art on ceramic tiles top home page.

Learn about Ronzig and Ronzig's Gallery: What is digital photoArt? Ronzig's guerrilla photography and video. Art on Ceramic Tiles. Collector Series Postcards featuring an assortment of his best images, Mini Video Tours of Toronto. And photographic and video recording services.

View some of Ronzig's best work in a slideshow or individual images from Ronzig at Ronzig's Gallery of digital photoArt and photography.

You can contact  Ronzig's Gallery by email, telephone or by snail mail to his address to inquire about Ronzig's digital photoArt, photography, Collector Series Postcards featuring an assortment of his best images. video, photography & video recording services, Mini Video Tours of Toronto and art on ceramic tiles or to purchase his products or services. You will also find numerous links to other websites where Ronzig has a presence.

Read the Legend of Ronzig the Wizard and his battle with his evil twin brother Ronzak the Sorcerer in the story of the ongoing struggle between good and evil that has been going on since the creation of the universe.

This is where you can order  Ronzig's products and services from Ronzig's Gallery such as digital photoArt,  photography & video recording services, Mini Video Tours of Toronto, art on ceramic tiles & Collector Series Postcards featuring an assortment of his best images.

Ronzig creates spectacular panorama works either as photographic images or as Digital photoArt that are available in standard sizes up to 44" x 13" on either canvas or archival quality photo paper (larger sizes available by special order).  Ronzig's Gallery will also embed a panorama image into the glaze of a series of ceramic tiles to create a unique wall or floor covering surface to your specs.

Ronzig's Digital photoArt & photographic images from Ronzig's Gallery cover a broad array of subject matter and themes resulting in highest quality art works to suit any preference. These images are all available on ceramic tiles & Collector Series Postcards as well a more traditional canvas and archival photo paper in a wide range of sizes to suit your requirements.

All of Ronzig's best work is available on Collector Series Postcards on archival photo paper, suitable not only for mailing a unique greeting to friends and loved ones, but also for framing as a group to hang on your wall.

Ronzig has done work for a wide range of clients from law firms to developers, health services facilities and the City of Toronto, all of which would certainly provide excellent references to Ronzig's Gallery.

Most of Ronzig's best work, be it video, photography or Digital photoArt is available as stock video clips or stock photo & art images at extremely reasonable prices for royalty free applications that you are producing.

Most of Ronzig's best work can be embedded into the glaze of ceramic tiles, resulting in virtually indestructible art works suitable for architectural uses such as surfaces for walls, floors, counter tops, back-splashes, fireplace surrounds or mantlepieces. As home furnishing uses they provide unique surfaces for tables or any other flat surfaced furniture. There is a series of 4" x 4" tiles with a protective backing designed for use as coasters that are bound to intrigue your guests as you entertain. Of course they make timeless stand alone art suitable for framing or placing on a stand for display.

Ronzig produces a wide range of videos, including Documentary works, event recording such as children's birthdays, activism and social protest works, art films, Mini Video Tours and special effects clips. Ronzig's Gallery is fully equipped and has access to support professionals to create original works with multi-camera filming, still photography and custom music for any production. He is presently working on a special fx movie, The Legend of Ronzig the Wizard, for which he the writer, art and costume designer, producer director and star.

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